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The MindSpring programme is a group-based program for refugees, supporting their adaptation to a new and unfamiliar country. Participation in the programme increases group members' awareness, provides new knowledge and skills to better understand the new situation, cope with daily challenges, prevent problems, and establish a social network.

The MindSpring method is unique because group meetings are led by a trained coach with similar experiences, background, and language as the participants, who understands their issues and thereby creates trust and security.

We offer the MindSpring programme to three target groups: parents, youth, and children.


The MindSpring method is unique, because the group meetings are led by a trainer with similar experience, origin and language, who understands the problems of the participants and thus creates a sense of trust and security.


We offer the MindSpring programmes to three target groups:
  • MindSpring for parents aims to strengthen and support parenting skills. The MindSpring group for parents focuses on parenting and child-rearing, norms and values, children's rights as well as identity, stress and trauma.
  • MindSpring youth groups focus on adolescence, loneliness and community, as well as stress, identity and trauma. Thus, the main theme revolves around the problems of living in exile that arise from coming of age, influenced by a past of war and flight.
  • Mindspring for children aims to strengthen a sense of identity, a positive self-image, knowledge of their feelings and recognition of how to regulate them, as well as a conscious understanding of how best to deal with them. Finally, group meetings provide valuable experience and strengthen self-belief. Important relationships are also created with other children in similar situations.

One group meets eight times in two months. One meeting lasts 2 hours.

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We are a certified representative and distributor of the Mindspring method in Estonia.



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