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Support services

Estonian Refugee Council provides to refugees different services that support their integration in the Estonian society and that enhance their self-reliance.


The main service that we provide is support person service which we provide with the help of a network of support persons that covers the whole country. The main methods of support person service are counselling and providing information to refugees. Also, support persons may accompany refugees in meetings with authorities, help them with finding employment and support them with reunifying with their family members. We do not make decisions for the people we support, but help them make informed decisions. Our service is needs-based and goal-driven. We provide support person service to refugees arriving independently and those arriving within the framework of the quota mechanisms.

We also provide translation service to beneficiaries of international protection living in Estonia. This service is covered from state budget for the first two years of their arrival.

In order to support refugees' effective integration in the Estonian society, we also organize various group activities for refugees. One example of that is women's club which supports refugee women's self-reliance and independence. We have also organized different events and excursions for refugees. Our goal is to organize such events at regular intervals – something that everybody can support by making a donation to us. These activities can be supported also through the donation environment "I love to help"!

Since many refugees are separated from their family members during their flights, we also help refugees in reunifying with their families by providing counselling and fund raising, if necessary. This is an activity where we are indebted to many private individuals for their financial support. You can show your support by donating to our family reunification fund.

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